Missionaries of Charity
Social Service Project – February 2023

The Sisters of Mother Teresa of Calcutta Founded in 1950 by Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity operate social service centers dedicated to provides free services to the poorest of the poor, elderly and deserted individuals, irrespective of social class, creed, or color. The Missionaries of charity is an international mission with worldwide locations including two locations in Damascus (Bab Touma and Dwelaa) and one location in Aleppo.

The aim of the Missionary Sisters of Charity is to devote themselves heart and soul and exclusively to the material and spiritual welfare of all destitute people, the helpless poor, neglected children, the abandoned sick, lepers and deserving beggars-in short,all those unfortunates who, either through their own neglect or through lack of public concern, are left to drift through life without help or hope.

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