About Togetherness US

Togetherness US is a US 501(c3) nonprofit public charitable organization. We are a group of concerned Americans who care about the Syrian people, many of us are of Syrian descent and want to extend humanitarian assistance to the Syrian American community including the displaced and distressed Syrians in the US and abroad to help them realize their potential through cultural programs, educational, career development and global community engagement.

Quake Aid to Coastal Area-Aleppo

Quake Aid to Coastal Areas/Aleppo Humanitarian Project- May 2023 The Earthquake and aftershocks in Aleppo and the coastal areas in Syria including the town of Daher Safra, and the city of Latakia, left thousands of Refugees without homes. There is a desperate need for medicine, food, clean water, and basic necessities. Dr. Hazar Michael

Refugees Aleppo Salesian Center

Aleppo Earthquake Refugees Salesian Center Humanitarian Project- Feb 2023 The Earthquake and aftershocks in Aleppo left thousands of Refugees without homes. The Salesian, Don Bosco centers in Aleppo had received over 800 refugees and 300 in Kafroun center, both centers had given shelters, fed people daily, given health and mental support including 30 children.

Aleppo Refugees Latin Parish

Aleppo Earthquake Refugees Latin Parish Humanitarian Project- Feb 2023 The Earthquake in Aleppo left thousands of Refugees without home, food and shelter. The Latin Parish center in Aleppo is hosting about 300 refugees in three locations, providing a warm place to stay, daily meals and much more. The kitchen is preparing 1200 meals a

Refugees/Children Down Syndrome

Safita Refugees/Children Down Syndrome Humanitarian, Medical Projects- Feb 2023 Burj of Safita Refugees project to assist the Earthquake refugees from affected areas in Aleppo, Latakia, and Jablah who are being housed in Burg Safita center. The Safita Association raised $15,000 and sent as a grant for the Burg Safita center housing over 300 refugees

St Louis / Frisho Hospital Equipment

St Louis / Frisho Hospital Equipment Medical Project-March 2023 Togetherness US is a nonprofit charitable organization established in 2021 with the mission of helping Syrians navigate the hardships of an ongoing 12-year war and the recent Earthquake which added more insult to injury hardship to the Syrian people. This project is supporting St Louis

Earthquake / Hospitals Equipment

Earthquake Aid Hospitals Supplies Humanitarian Project - February 2023 Thousands of people have been killed and many more injured following a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake near the Turkey-Syria border in the early hours of Monday 6 February 2023. Despite significant damage to homes, roads and infrastructure, emergency and search-and-rescue teams have deployed to assess and prioritize urgent

Missionaries of Charity

Missionaries of Charity Social Service Project - February 2023 The Sisters of Mother Teresa of Calcutta Founded in 1950 by Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity operate social service centers dedicated to provides free services to the poorest of the poor, elderly and deserted individuals, irrespective of social class, creed, or color. The Missionaries of charity is an international mission

Prosthetic Limb Replacement

Prosthetic Limb Replacement Medical Project - January 2023 The medical project of “Prosthetic Limb Replacement Center” established in 2021 and managed by the Lazarus Fathers Charity Organization with medical operation center in the coastal area in Kafir Sita, Tartous Governorate. The center consists of three buildings that accommodate 50 patients with disabilities. Qualified patients


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