Syrian Art at the United Nations HQ, New York

Cultural Project – October 2021

Togetherness US has sponsored an art exhibition entitled “Contemporary Syrian Art: War & Hope”. A selection of prominent Syrian contemporary artists curated by artist Tony Khawam. The UN cultural committee approved an art exhibition at the United Nations HQ in New York City, October 4-8, 2021. The exhibition aim is to promote the rich Syrian culture and heritage through an art exhibition and to highlight the Syrian contributions in the United States.

The paintings are a sweeping survey of contemporary art from America and Syria that weaves together images of the physical world, memories, emotions, and the virtual world. Some of the artists emigrated to the U.S., Europe or neighbouring countries, others are still living and working in Syria and are professors of art in the Faculty of Arts in Damascus and Aleppo Universities.

Featuring artworks by Nizar Sabour, Bassem Dahdouh, Edward Shahda, Manhal Issa, Tony Khawam, Omran Younis, Reem Tarraf, Bachire Badawi, Nitmat Badawi, Rami Sabour.

Syrian Art Exhibit at the UN YouTube: